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Krzysia Górniak

Polish Jazz Guitarist, Composer & Philosopher
New Album

Best wishes for Christmas!

Dear friends, this year I have prepared a Christmas gift for you.  I have recorded an instrumental version of Christmas carols. They are relaxing, highly calibrating recordings, uplifting, especially helpful during Christmas Eve and family gatherings. Guitar lovers will not be disappointed, because these are versions where various guitars play: electric, acoustic and electric with nylon strings, in two Christmas carols we will also hear a bass guitar. She is feminine, warm and joyful.
I wish everyone a lot of love, health, happiness and God’s blessing for Christmas. May the Light be with us every day!

More information about the album.

The silence of the night!

I present a very famous Christmas carol for you with best wishes.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2021/22!

Let’s enjoy life every day!



Available now!

Krzysia Górniak’s latest album “Memories” has its premiere on 02.04.2020 and is kind of tailored to our times. Unintentional, but very current is the album’s motto:

“The fragility of fate is part of life and the more we are aware of the inevitability of transience, the more we appreciate the time that remains.”

More information about the album.


Krzysia Górniak is one of the best jazz guitarists in Europe. She is a composer, producer, arranger, endowed with an extraordinary artistic personality. From 1998 he performs on festival and club stages in Poland and abroad, as well as in concert halls and theatres e.g. in Austria, France, Germany, Greece and Slovenia. Her way of playing is a combination of virtuosity and subtle femininity, she finds herself in many musical styles, moving freely in various conventions. He works with jazz musicians as well as with symphony orchestras and string quartets.

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Krzysia Górniak has released eight albums. Six of them are her compositions, which she arranged and produced on her own. These are the albums: Tales (2002), Ultra (2004), Emotions (2009), Feelings (2012), Moments (2016), Memories (2020). Krzysia has also participated in the release of 2 other albums, where she was the guitarist, arranger and producer, these are Garden Of Love (2008) and Tribute to Nat King Cole (2015). Click on the selected album to read more about it.

Memories - Medley, 2019

On Krzysia Górniak’s YouTube you can find her latest tracks, video from concerts, thematic playlists, guitar schools and many other recordings.