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Krzysia Górniak – electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Wojciech Gogolewski – piano, synthesizer
Paweł Pańta – electric double bass, bass guitar
Artur Lipiński – drums

1. Purple Love – K.Górniak
2. Talking Rain – K.Górniak
3. Flying Words – W. Gogolewski
4. Walking in Your Dreams – K.Górniak
5. Sailing Wind – K.Górniak
6. Invisible Feelings – W. Gogolewski
7. Space between Us – K.Górniak
8. Summer Travel – K.Górniak
9. Running Thoughts – W. Gogolewski

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Guitarist and composer Krzysia Górniak is an artist with wide horizons. (...) Her latest album revolves around lighter types of jazz, called "smooth" - at least in this style is kept "Purple Love", the first song of the album. The music is gradually evolving - in subsequent issues the artist expands her means of expression. The whole takes on a more jazz character, which is also due to the pianist Wojciech Gogolewski. However, everything takes place within the limits clearly set by the leader - the album's climate at all times remains light, relaxing.

"Feelings" (...) positively surprises with solidity. This applies to both refined compositions, arrangements and playing the guitarist - her solos are melodious, fluid, dynamically and sonically balanced, free from empty virtuosity, technically perfect.

The perfect record for the summer. - Hi-Fi Music Magazine, review by Bochdan Chmury


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Feelings (P) & (C) 2012 Krzysia Gorniak


Krzysia Górniak


Krzysia Górniak, Wojciech Gogolewski


Studio Chróst in Sulejówek 09/2012

Mix & Mastering

Winicjusz Chróst – Studio Chróst


Jacek Pióro


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