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Krzysia Górniak

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Krzysia Górniak presents the subtle and original face of jazz, creates illustrative music, saturated with emotions, tuning to reflection – musical images of memories and fragments of life captured in sounds.

Krzysia Górniak’s offer is an exceptionally subtle and original face of jazz. The band plays strongly illustrative music, saturated with emotions and tuning to reflection. Their latest material is primarily musical images of memories – fragments of life captured in sounds. Krzysia Górniak conducts songs with the melody of both an electric and an acoustic guitar, bringing a unique color to their sound. Her delicacy and femininity in combination with the extraordinary musical proficiency and outstanding skills of other musicians make the quartet unique on both the Polish and foreign music market.

About the artist

Krzysia Górniak is by far the most famous jazz guitarist in Poland, and also an uncompromising and professional person, devoted to art with all his heart. She recorded seven albums, studied in Poland and Austria, and was the first guitarist of the Jazz Department at the famous Bednarska Street. Over the years, she consistently strived for creative independence and, without giving in to market pressure, carried out only projects that were in harmony with her artistic self, which ultimately built her reputation.

Pat Metheny wrote about her album Tales: “I have been listening to your CD – and you all sound really good on there! Nice blend between you and I think it is great that you seem to be working hard on trying to get your own group sound and concept happening! “




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The duration of quartet or trio concerts by Krzysia Górniak is usually 90 minutes – divided into two sets of 45 minutes or three sets of 30 minutes each. The musicians perform in jazz clubs and cafes, on large festival and concert stages, as well as at private parties and cultural events.

Major concerts and festivals at which Krzysia Górniak performed:

  • 2017/10 – Jesienny Przeciąg Gitarowy, Słupsk
  • 2017/01 – Studio Koncertowe Polskiego Radia im. Witolda Lutosławskiego, Warszawa
  • 2016/11 – Filharmonia im. K. Namysłowskiego,  Zamość
  • 2016 – Festiwal „Muzyka u Źródeł”, Bydgoszcz
  • 2016/11 – Filharmonia Świętokrzyska, Kielce
  • 2016 – Jazz w Muzeum, Warka
  • 2016 – Festiwal Dreszer Jazz
  • 2015/10 – Polska Filharmonia Sinfonie Baltica w Słupsku
  • 2015/02 – Polska Filharmonia Kameralna Sopot
  • 2013 – IX Green Town Of Jazz 2013 w Zielonej Górze
  • 2011 – 6 Śląski Jazz Festiwal Katowice
  • 2010 – Bydgoskie Lato Artystyczne
  • 2009 – Jazz Festiwal „Memorial To Miles Davis”  w Kielcach
  • 2009 – Jazz Festiwal „Jazzonalia” w Koninie
  • 2008 – Sopot Jazz Festiwal
  • 2008 – Mazurska Fiesta Jazzowa
  • 2008 – 13 Festival Hilldener Jazz Tage
  • 2006 – IV Olsztyński Festival Jazzowy
  • 2006 – Festiwal Jazz na Kresach w Zamościu
  • 2006 – 13. Ogólnopolski Festiwal Sztuki Filmowej „Prowincjonalia”
  • 2005 – IX festiwal Gitarzystów Jazzowych im. M. Bilińskiego
  • 2005 – IV Podlasie Jazz Festiwal
  • 2005 – X Jubileuszowy Letni Jazzowy Festiwal w Piwnicy Pod Baranami w Krakowie – „Cracjazz Festiwal”
  • 2005 – Festiwal „Jazz na Kanapie”  w Oleśnicy
  • 2005 – Ladies’ Jazz Festival w Gdyni
  • 2005 – Festiwal „Świętokrzyska Wiosna Jazzowa 2005” w Kielcach
  • 2003 – XIX Międzynarodowe Głogowskie Spotkania Jazzowe
  • 2002 – Festiwal Jazz Forum Magazine w Warszawie
  • 2000 – Warsaw Summer Jazz Days

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