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Krzysia Górniak – electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Zdzisław Kalinowski – piano, synthesizer
Michał Grott – bass guitar
Przemek Knopik – drums

1. Emotions – K. Górniak
2. Lullaby – K. Górniak
3. Visions – K. Górniak
4. City Power – M. Grott
5. Circulations – K. Górniak
6. Motions – K. Górniak
7. Imaginations – M. Grott
8. Friendship – K. Górniak
9. Sunny – K. Górniak

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Krzysia Górniak is the most recognizable guitarist in Poland. Jazz music has been her passion for many years. This talented artist has recently recorded her new studio album "Emotions". It is a musical image full of bright colors in an extremely subtle form. Of course, the new disc is not without energy, it also contains many positive vibrations and harmony to the ear. Krzysia Górniak, a flesh and jazz jazzman, gave the listeners an interesting stylistic mix, so "Emotions" is filled with groove, funk, soul and pop sounds. This remarkable album will definitely win the hearts of jazz lovers, but I think not only. Also noteworthy is the work of the rhythm section and piano, which give the compositions space. Zdzisław Kalinowski (piano), Michał Grott (bass guitar) and Przemek Knopik (drums) were responsible for these treatments.

The sophisticated artistry of the game can be heard in virtually every song. The sounds are quite diverse - from very standard, typically jazz notes played on the guitar with muffled tones, to quite strong sounds in distortions more in the style of fusion. Krzysia Górniak is a truly unique Polish guitarist who performs her art at the highest world level.

– Gitarzysta Magazine (Poland)

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Fonografika, Inżynierska 6, 03-422 Warszawa


Krzysia Górniak


K. Górniak, Z. Kalinowski, M. Grott, P. Knopik


Studio Chróst in Sulejówek 2008

Mix & Mastering

Winicjusz Chróst – Studio Chrost in Sulejówek


Zosia Zija


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