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Neubau Studio Graz, 2002


Krzysia Górniak – acoustic and electric guitar
Evangelos Tzimkas – bass
Mikko Iivannainen – electric guitar (4, 5, 6, 7)
Bairam Istrefi Jr. – drums (4 – 7, 9), percussion (2, 8)
Marc Vogel – drums (1,2, 3, 8)
Jorg Micula – drums (3, 7)

Arrangement – Krzysia Górniak and Evangelos Tzimkas (Gr).
Produced by Krzysia Górniak
Recording and mix Heimo Knopper, Neubau Studio Graz (A)
Cover image author: Krzysia Górniak

Pat Metheny about Tales:

,,I have been listening to your CD (Tales) – and you all sound really good on there! Nice blend between you and I think it is great that you seem to be working hard on trying to get your own group sound and concept happening!


Tracks from the album Tales are available, among others, on YouTube and Spotify. We invite you to listen to the entire playlist.