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Krzysia Górniak – electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Zdzisław Kalinowski – piano, synthesizer
Łukasz Makowski – electric double bass, bass guitar
Grzegorz Grzyb – drums (1,2,3)
Gniewomir Tomczyk – drums, percussion instruments (4,5,6,7,8,9)

1. Moments – K. Górniak
2. Spring – K. Górniak
3. Meditation – K. Górniak
4. The Storm Is Looming Ahead – K. Górniak
5. Dreaming Of Love – K. Górniak, A. Mikulski
6. Your Smile I See – E. Tzimkas
7. Friendship – K. Górniak
8. Touch Of God – Ł. Makowski
9. My Friends At Home – E. Tzimkas

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A stunning record! Delicate and elaborate smooth jazz meets the liveliness of good old fusion. Among the huge number of excellent albums released in Poland, the music proposed by Krzysia Górniak and her band is as desirable as it happens once in a Russian year.

Nine instrumental songs included on "Moments" is a presentation of an individual style in which delicate and elaborate smooth jazz (yes, contrary to appearances, such a phenomenon occurs, although I realise how many negative connotations have accumulated around this trend) meets the liveliness of the old, good fusion. Krzysia Górniak is a super-efficient guitarist: no one can say anything bad about her technique, articulation, phrasing and improvisational sense, endless streams of melody pour out from her fingers, bringing to mind - that's God's weapon, no objection, just loose association - the early years of Pat Metheny: these are "sung" by six steel strings lyrical songs;

Krzysia Górniak is, most importantly, a sensitive songwriter who works well without words. The guitar is only a medium here - the source of musical content is the heart ...

– Adam Domagała about Moments, Jazz Forum Magazine

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Polskie Radio PRCD 1851


Krzysia Górniak


Recording of tracks 1-3: Studio Chrost in Sulejówek
Recording of tracks 4-9: Quality Studio in Warszawa

Mix & Mastering

Winicjusz Chróst – Studio Chrost, Sulejówek


Krzysia Górniak


Tomasz Pędziwiatr


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