Polish jazz guitarist, composer, producer, arranger and philosopher. Creator of the Krzysia Górniak Quartet and the Diuna Club Records.


As a jazz guitarist and composer, Krzysia Górniak has been an active musician since 1998. She has played many festivals and jazz club concerts in Poland and Europe.

Krzysia Górniak is an active guitar player and composer since 1998. She has played on numerous festivals and jazz clubs in Poland and Europe, took part in concert tours in Greece and France, anong others. She has released 7 albums with music she composed, arranged and produced. These are: Tales (2002), Ultra (2004), Garden of Love (2008), Emotions (2009), Feelings (2012), Tribute to Nat King Cole (2015) and Moments (2016). She is currently recording her new album, due for release late November 2019.

Krzysia has cooperated with many reknown musicians, such as Maciej Miecznikowski, Kuba Badach, Ewa Mikulska, Szymon Pejski, Wojciech Gogolewski, Zdzisław Kalinowski, Evangelos Tzimkas, Paweł Pańta, Krzysztof Ścierański, Wojtek Pilichowski, Michał Grott, Grzegorz Grzyb, Marcin Jahr and Adam Lewandowski.

She has attended workshops and classes conducted by Wayne Brasel, Wynton Marsalis, Mike Stern, Karl Ratzer, Susanne Weinert, John Abercrombie, Christian Rover, Garrison Fewell, Bob Mintzer, Ron McClure, Billy Hart, Adam Nussbaum, Clarke Fischer.

Pat Metheny wrote about the “Tales” album: I have been listening to your CD – and you all sound excellent on there! Nice blend between you and I think it is great that you seem to be working hard on trying to get your own group sound and concept happening!


Krzysia Górniak has released seven albums, which she composed, arranged and produced. She has also recorded compilation albums as a featuring artist. For more info – click a CD cover.


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