ULTRA (2004)


Ultra (2004) Krzysia Górniak

Krzysia Górniak – electric and acoustic guitars, voc (4, 6)
Tomek Wierzbowski – piano and rhodes piano
Wojtek Pilichowski – bass guitar, voc (6)
Piotr Remiszewski – drums, sampler
Kuba Badach – voc (1)
Marek Błaszczyk – analogs

01. Orange 
02. Gold
03. Red
04. Silver
05. Blue
06. White
07. Platinium
08. Violet
09. Green
10. Black
11. Brown

[P] i [C] ITI Film Studio.

Composition and arrangement Krzysia Górniak, Piotr Remiszewski 
Recorded at Studio Chróst w Sulejówku i Studio Track w Łodzi
Mix Wincjusz Chróst   |   Mastering Jacek Gawłowski
Produced by Krzysia Górniak i Piotr Remiszewski

International Songwriting Competition 

In 2005 the song Blue from the Ultra album headed to the finals of the International Songwriting Competition 2005. The jury was made of world famous artists such as: Tom Waits, Joss Stone, Sonny Rollins, Macy Gray, John Scofield and Steve Vai to name a few. From over 15’000 songs only 12 made to the finals.

The second original album of Krzysia Górniak – ”Ultra” released in 2004 is a soft, harmonic and easy listening jazz longplay.

The main inspiration for creating this album where colours and emotions and what is the corelation between them. ”Ultra” is a rainbow of musical colours.

”Every album I record is also a stage of my life. The music comes directly from the inner me, describes my thoughts about the purpose and meaning of life. It is a reflection of the topics I think about. My albums come out of very different experiences, which are later only short memmories. That is why I can say that only the album as a whole gives a true immpression of me and the band.”-said Krzysia Górniak for the Gitarzystki.pl


The second album in the career of Krzysi Górniak (…) is full of harmonic, pleasant and very accessible jazz.
– Gitarzystki.pl