Tribute to Nat King Cole (2015)

Maciej Miecznikowski voc, guitar 
Krzysia Górniak guitar 
Paweł Pańta double bass 
Adam Lewandowski drums 
Atom String Quartet:
Dawid Lubowicz violin 
Mateusz Smoczyński violin
Michał Zaborski viola
Krzysztof Lenczowski cello

01. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (H. Waren, A. Dubin) 
02. Answer me (C. Sigman / G. Winkler) 
03. L.O.V.E. ( M. Gabler / B. Kaempfert) 
04. A Blossom Fell (H. Barnes / H. Cornelius / D. John) 
05. Mona Lisa (R. Evans / J. Livingston) 
06. Never Let Me Go (R. B Evans / J. Livingston) 
07. Unforgettable (I. Gordon) 
08. Route 66 (B. Troup) 
09. Smile (J. Turnerand, G. Parsons / C. Chaplin) 
10. Walking My Baby (R. Turk and F. Ahlert) 
11. When I Fall In Love (E. Heyman / V.Young)

DUX 1237, 2015 Dux Recording Producers,
Morskie Oko 2, 02-511 Warsaw, Poland

Arrangement and production by Maciej Miecznikowski, Krzysia Górniak
Photo session by Marek Podolczyński Fotografia

Tribute to Nat King Cole is a musical tribute by Maciej Miecznikowski and Krzysia Górniak on the 50th anniversary of the great American vocalist and jazz pianist’s death.

Maciej Miecznikowski – a suberb musician with a characteristic voice that sounds at its finest in the Romantic repertoire and Krzysia Górniak – known jazz guitarist whose delicate and feminine approach combined with virtuosity is a unique quality much in demand on the musical scene. It’s an extraordinary combination of two different temperaments and personalities. In their interpretation, the world hits of Nat King Cole, including Unforgettable, Route 66, When I Fall In Love, are sung and played with feeling in unconventional arrangements for two guitars and vocals, sounding very fresh and alive.

Tribute To Nat King Cole is an intimate sort of musical playing, close to ear and brimming with emotion. At their concerts, Maciej and Krzysia put the listeners in a state of reverie and elation and their combination of great contact with the audience and unconsumed energy guarantee a successful, entertaining concert. This duo is perfect both for small chamber-like events and large halls.