Feelings (2012)


Feelings (2012) Krzysia Górniak

Krzysia Górniak – electric and acoustic guitars
Wojciech Gogolewski – piano, synthesiser
Paweł Pańta – electric double bass, bass guitar
Artur Lipiński – drums

1. Purple Love – K.Górniak
2. Talking Rain – K.Górniak
3. Flying Words – W. Gogolewski
4. Walking in Your Dreams – K.Górniak
5. Sailing Wind – K.Górniak
6. Invisible Feelings – W. Gogolewski
7. Space between Us – K.Górniak
8. Summer Travel – K.Górniak
9. Running Thoughts – W. Gogolewski

Feelings (P) & (C) 2012 Krzysia Gorniak
All rights reserved.

Arrangement Krzysia Górniak i Wojciech Gogolewski
Recorded at Studio Chróst w Sulejówku 09/2012
Mix and mastering Winicjusz Chróst – Studio Chróst
Produced by Krzysia Górniak

Review by Bochdam Chmura from the ”HiFi and Music Magazine”:

Guitarist and composer Krzysia Górniak is an artist with wide horizons. (…) Her newest album is close to the softer side of jazz genere described as ”smooth jazz”- at least this is the style of the ”Purple Love” the first track on the album. The music evolves constantly and gets more expressive in the following songs. The whole album gets more jazz character thanks to the pianist Wojciech Gogolewski but stays in borders clearly set by the leader of the band sounding light and relaxing.

”Feelings” positively gets your attention, gives a feel of solidness by the way it is composed, arranged and how the guitarist plays. The solos are highly melodic, graceful, dynamicaly equal and technically perfect. The consequent manner of implementing one taken style has a minus though, the music gets too predictable, looses the tensions or something that could grasp the attention of the listener for a longer distance. Nevertheless it is a pleasure to listen to this album – the professionalism of the leader greatly masks every weak point of this album, which seems to be perfect for the summer time.


(…) harmonious, smooth, dynamically and sonically balanced, free of empty virtuosity, technically perfect.
– Hi-Fi Magazyn